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Fremont Community Emergency Response Team
Important Forms for CERT
CERT Forms
Equipment Resources
Preliminary form for assessing the available equipment on hand.
Personnel Resources
sheet and assessment of available personnel
Victim Treatment Area Record
Assessment sheet of identified victims and their current condition and location
Assignment Status
Use this form to establish teams and assign incident deployment
Incident Briefing
For team leaders to assess, evaluate, and take action on incident assignments
Damage Assessment Form
Used by Administration Manager to keep track of and to update damage conditions at each incident location
Post-Incident Report
Used by Administration Manager in documenting an overview of incident assignments
Fremont CERT Radio Message Log
Used by CERT/ARES radio operators to log all radio messages in and out of assigned location
Radio Message Form
CERT/ARES form to transcribe messages before transmitting them
CERT Forms
The complete collection of forms
CERT Go Pack
Suggested list of items for consideration in your Go-Pack