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Fremont Community Emergency Response Team
Training Schedule
Personal Emergency Preparedness
One class
Register by calling 510-494-4244 or by Email

NOTE: PEP is a pre-requisite for the CERT classes

A one-time 3 hour class about earthquake and disaster awareness; preparing your home and family; storing supplies; shutting off: gas, electric, & water; identifying hazardous materials; fire extinguisher types; smoke detector placement; and sheltering in-place. This is a very informative condensed class, where as CERT is actual hands-on training. Everyone, including high school students, can attend these classes; one that suits their schedule.

Class Time: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Class location: 7200 Stevenson Blvd., West of Hwy 880, FFD Training Tower Facility

For a complete list of upcoming classes, click to visit our City-wide PEP class listing

If your group would like to schedule your own personal group PEP class at your location.

Contact: Chuck Guaraglia, PEP/Public Education, Fremont Fire Dept., 510-792-3473

Community Emergency Response Team
Six classes

NOTE: You must attend a PEP class first before taking CERT Training

For individuals interested in becoming part of a neighborhood team.
CERT training consists of in depth hands on training, including actual fire fighting with an extinguisher, search & rescue, lifting injured people correctly, triage large number of wounded, building damage assessment, teamwork and responding to fire department’s call for help.
Pre registration is required. Must first attend a PEP class above.
Ages 18 and up only. Call 510-494-4244 or Email

Before attending CERT Class 1, you must complete the FEMA on-line CERT Independent Study Course, IS-317, 20 Chapters plus Final.
The specific website link is http://www.citizencorps.gov/cert/training_mat.shtm


For a complete list of upcoming classes, click to visit our CERT Class listing

Class 1 @ 7200 Stevenson Blvd., FFD Training Tower = Orientation, Container Supplies

Class 2 @ 7200 Stevenson Blvd., FFD Training Tower = Basic Outdoor Skills, Building Triage & Markings, Fire Suppression, Utility Control, Cribbing (lifting heavy objects), Hazardous Materials

Class 3 @ 7200 Stevenson Blvd., FFD Training Tower = Indoor Skills, Communications, Entry Markings, Entry Techniques, Search Techniques

Class 4 @ 7200 Stevenson Blvd., FFD Training Tower = Medical Operations, Disaster Psychology, START Triage, Head to Toe Examinations, Patient Movement, Setting up a Treatment Area

Class 5 @ 7200 Stevenson Blvd., FFD Training Tower = “Putting it all together”, Activation Plan, Setting up the Base of Operation (BoO), Containers, Paper Work, Forms

Class 6 @ 7200 Stevenson Blvd., FFD Training Tower = Graduation, Scenario Based Exercise