CERT-CE Classes

Limited to CERT graduates.  (announcements via emails only)

CERT Continuing Education (CE) classes provide short refresher courses on various topics, for CERT graduates.  These classes help CERT graduates staying current with updated curriculum as well as provide retraining opportunities.

 First Aid/CPR Training

Limited to CERT graduates.  (announcements via emails only)

FirstAid/CPR training classes are being offered for CERT graduates at no charge and will be announced when they are scheduled.  This classes consists of both classroom discussion as well as hands-on training that will help CERT graduates stay current on their First Aid &  CPR training and certification.

 Amateur Radio Licensing

Open to everyone.  Visit SBARA.ORG (click here) for more information.

Amateur radio has been found to be essential, and sometimes critical, in facilitating point-to-point communications in the event of large scale disasters. Interested CERT graduates are encourages to acquire the FCC Amateur Radio license.

More information about amateur radio and the details about preparing for the FCC certification is available at the local South Bay Amateur Radio Association. Please visit the web site at SBARA.ORG and/or attend their monthly meetings to get the assistance to acquire the license.