Go Packs

Create A Disaster Supplies Kit For Your Family

To Get Started

  • Check your house for supplies that you already have on hand.
  • Decide where you will, store supplies
    (food may be packed together in a single container or kept on shelves for easy rotation)

Meet With Your Family & Make A Plan

  • Discuss the types of disasters that could occur,
  • Explain how to prepare,
  • Explain when and how to respond,
  • Discuss what to do if you need to evacuate,
  • Practice your plan.

Suggested Foods

Select based on your family’s needs and preferences. Pick low-salt, water-packed varieties when possible:
Canned Meat: tuna, chicken, ravioli, chili, beef stew. spam, corned beef. etc.
Vegetables: green beans, kernel corn, peas, beets, kidney beans, carrots, etc.
Fruit: pears, peaches, mandarin oranges, applesauce, etc.
Cereal: Cheerios, Chex, Kix, Shredded Wheat, etc.
Quick Energy Snacks: granola bars, raisins, etc.

Remember to rotate your supplies every six months!

In case of evacuation, your “Go-Pack” should:
– be in a back pack or other similar container that is easily carried,
– contain your most important items such as change of clothes, out-of-state contact info, medications, important papers, cash in small denomination notes and coins, etc.

Download a copy of the handy Family Disaster Supplies Calendar to help you put your Go Pack together. [download]

[reference: FD-029/1m 11/03]